Saturday, September 10

Tumbling Over

Family Update: My older two girls recently started tumbling class, and they absolutely love it! It's great for me too, we do one sport a season, and they were going to be on different soccer teams this year. That meant someone would have practice every night, plus 2 games on Saturday. They are in the same tumbling class, and it's one night a week! Plus, it's super easy to practice at home too.

The class was adorable, all the girls in their gymnastics clothes trying to stretch and act like professionals already.

Both our girls could use a little help in the coordination department (my genes, unfortunately), so this is really good for them. By the time I was Hannah's age, I had broken my arm and gotten stitches in my lip!

Their teacher was super nice, professional, and has oodles of patience, she's amazing! 

Hannah asks every day if it's time for class again, and they practice all the time. Lots of fun for my energetic girlies!!

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