Monday, September 5

Why I Love Being a Mom: #4 Firsts

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One of my favorite parts of parenting is getting to experience all of the "firsts" of life with my kids: you know, first teeth, first steps, first time watching a 3D movie...

Those firsts.

Big firsts, like the ominous first trip to the dentist.

Disastrous firsts, like the time Linsey tried to cut her own hair.

Unforgettable firsts, like when Hannah realized she was a big sister.

Adorable firsts, like the first time Nattie tried to drink from a water fountain.

I got to be there. For each one. Because I'm their mom. There's nothing quite like the first time my kids finally mastered a two wheeler, or started their first day of school. And with my oldest being only 6, I know I've barely scratched the surface of "firsts" that will happen. I love them. I dread them. I fear them. But no matter how I feel about my kids growing up, I am determined to treasure each new "first" that comes along, because they are a special gift indeed.

What "first" memories do you especially cherish?


  1. That picture of Linsey with her bangs cut is too much! Love it! Lets hope it was a first and last. She still managed to look cute though.

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  2. I love the bang hair cut too. It's so cute.

    My favourite first so far was the first time I held my little boy. Also, his first successful crawl was pretty exciting.

    New follower from Mom Blog Monday Hop.


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