Saturday, February 11

Bite-sized Fun

It's no secret my girls love to help me in the kitchen. Most nights, at least one of them helps me prepare dinner, sometimes all three. And when they find snacks they can make for the family "all by themselves," like these Mozzarella Bites from Farm Rich, they are thrilled.

Here is my 7 year old, the "boss" of the kitchen, telling her sisters how to prepare them:

1. Open bag and pour into pan.

2. Flatten into a single layer.

3. Heat in a 400 degree oven for 8-10 minutes.

4. Pose for a cheesy picture with the bag :)

5. Eat... and enjoy!!

This, of course, was the best part. The reviews were unanimous:

7-year old: "These are really good, Mom, can I make them again tomorrow?"

4-year old: "Yum, do they have string cheese in them?"

2-year old: "Mmmmm!"

Dad: "These are really good. And they would be amazing with pizza sauce!" (I confess I did serve them plain, and they were still great!!)

Mom: "I love that they're bite sized, so there's less waste from half-eaten food. And because they're filled with cheese, they make a hearty snack so my kids aren't hungry ten minutes later."

Bottom line: Farm Rich Mozzarella bites are simple to prepare and delicious to eat! Try 'em and see for yourself :)

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