Wednesday, February 29

Letter of the Week S

Hannah and I had a great time in our letter "S" preschool this week, even getting our "sisters" involved in a few activities!

For a list of fun "s" related questions for pre-schoolers, click here.

"S" is for... Stories

I read a lot with our older two for school, and I have a "girl time devotions" each night with them before bed (more on that later).  One activity I've been focusing more attention on this semester is reading one on one with Natalie. At 2, she has a much shorter attention span and different way of interacting with books than my 5 and 7 year old. At nap time each day and usually at night, she and I read together on her bed. Now every night she asks, "Mom, lay down me and wead book!" How can I say no to that?? :)

"S" is for... Scavenger Hunt

"Sally" the Doll

Hannah, 5, is a very hands-on learner. She loves activities where she can move around and hunt for things. So I gave her my phone with a list of items beginning with 's' to photograph, such as the ones above. Linsey went along and read the items to her. Apparently, she was also the model :)

"S" is for "Snow" and "Santa"
 The girls enjoyed pulling out our Christmas-themed books again, adding cotton snow to pictures, and visiting for some Christmas learning games.

"S" is for... Sand Letters

So simple, but the kids loved this! We took our papers outside, traced the letters with a glue stick, and stuck the letters face-down in the sand glitter-style (we live in the desert so sand is easy to come by!)

"S" is for... Super Socks!!

It was crazy sock day, and our plans involved sliding in socks on our wood floor, designing our own paper socks, making sock puppets, and playing a fun game called "Surprise in my Sock." I gathered items from around the house and put them one by one in a sock, and the girls took turns guessing what they were by feeling. (You could also select only objects that start with 's'!)

We sang this tune before each guess:
Surprise In My Sock
Tune: The Farmer In The Dell

There's a surprise in my sock,
Surprise in my sock,
Super silly, special stuff,
Surprise in my sock!
(cheesy, I know...)

I was surprised the girls loved to sing the song as much as play the game! In fact, Nattie and Hannah were playing this game on their own all week, and I was continually finding "surprises" in random socks around the house. I love it!!

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  1. How fun--I LOVE the song! I'm a huge fan of music in School Time! Your daughter is adorable!


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