Monday, June 7

Happy on Monday

 Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Happy Monday!!  Link up with Miscellany Monday above, too fun! I probably spend more time than I should thinking up random things to say, but I guess that’s part of the fun of it for me, so here goes:

1)   1) My mommy philosophy:  Why get mad at a mess when I can laugh and take a picture of it?  A seasoned mom (don’t you love those?) once advised me:  “Never get mad at your kids for acting like kids or because they inconvenience you.”  That has stuck with me over the years, and I try to laugh and make the most out of accidents and messes, rather than being frustrated.  I don’t want my kids to remember me yelling all the time!  Here’s my youngest last night, she crawled outside after dinner (we had company) and amused herself in the pool (it only had an inch or so of water), church clothes and all!!  

2)   2) This morning, a friend of mine and I took our friendship to a new level – we worked out together!  We walked and jogged w/Leslie Sansone amidst 5 kids under 6, an overturned bowl of Cheerios, and lots of laughter.  Thanks, Kim!  P.S. I <3 Leslie Sansone videos because I can do them anytime, anywhere!  She calls it “the no excuse walk.”  I've managed to come up with a few excuses, but she's pretty much right!!

3)   3) We went to see the Lion King musical last week in Vegas, so we’ve had the CD playing around our house all week.  My girls have wanted to watch the DVD several times too.  Now my youngest keeps running around saying, “Oh no!  She’s gonna EAT ME!!”

4)   4) Speaking of kids and scary animals, it’s so amazing to watch how children in the same family process life so differently.  Linsey, 5, is terrified of barking dogs.  We were walking the other day and one came to the fence and barked, and she yelped and ran on my other side.  Hannah, on the other hand (she’s 3), got close to the fence, stared the dog down, and said, “ROAR!” in her deepest voice.  Funny enough, the dog scampered away :)

5)   5) I have gone from trying to understand my husband, then trying to change my husband, to finally just trying to work with him the way he is.  My sister calls this “marital maturity.”  I call it my sanity saver :)  Happy Monday!


  1. Hi, I clicked on over from Miscellany Monday, you have a cute blog and what adorable little girls. I love number 5, I'm going to be repeating "marital maturity" over and over in my head when he annoys me! haha!

  2. I cracked up at number 5! Too funny! Definitely remember that one! Hope you had a good Monday! :)

  3. I love that quote you used about not getting upset with your children when they act like children. I have to start working out soon! It is good to workout with a friend! have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.

    Have a nice day!

  5. I think that's an excellent Mommy philosophy!! I totally agree.

    How fun for them to see The Lion King!

  6. Love it!!! You guys are just so stinkin cute!!!


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