Wednesday, June 9

I'm Gonna Be a Star!

     We homeschool, and I am determined my kids will not wind up...weird.  There.  I said it.  I truly think we can raise intelligent, Christian young ladies who are still able to get along in mainstream society.  I even know a few people like that, and it gives me hope :)  One way we're doing this is by making sure they are involved in some social activities with neighborhood kids, like t-ball this spring.  Linsey was super-excited to be on the team with one of her best friends (at 5, they're not allowed to be more than "just friends," but we're pretty sure they're secretly engaged!)

     The first few practices had her all pumped up, even though the tee saw a lot more hits than the ball did.  I was so relieved that they get to bat until they hit the ball in bounds! Makes for long innings, but no tears.  The night before her first game, Linsey was lying in bed, daydreaming, er, night dreaming?  I came by her room, and she sighed, "Don't worry, Mom, I'm gonna be a star!"

     T-ball is SO much more entertaining to watch than baseball.  Most of the time, 4 or 5 kids run for the same ball, but no one can throw all the way to first, so it's like an assembly line getting there.  Our team was a little better than most, probably because we had 7 boys and only 3 girlies, so cute!

     But when it started getting hot, whining commenced. "I don't think I'll go to t-ball today."  "I think you will."  "But Mo-om, my legs get so hot!"  This went on for several games, then I got smart.  I let her trade the thigh-high baseball socks (she has chicken legs) for ankle-length Dora ones (her pants totally covered them), and we ditched the belt that was uber-uncomfortable and not required for t-ball. 
   Then, when talking to her grandma one night on the phone, Linsey told her, "I'll run real fast for ya, then I'll call and tell you all about it!"  And she did.  In fact, she started thinking of people to run for, and she got so much faster!  I asked her before one game, "So, are you gonna run fast for grandma?"  "Uh-huh, and for you!"  she replied.  I was touched.  "So you'll have to run fast twice then!"  "No, Mama, three times, " she said. "I told God I'd run fast for Him too!"  She did, and I think they were both proud of her.  So was I.

The coach pitched the last game, this was her first hit ever!

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  1. such cute pictures! and i am totally convinced that a person can homeschool and not turn their kids into weird adults! ;) i really have a huge desire to homeschool so i will look forward to reading more posts about your experiences! :)


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