Monday, June 14


My girls have all become obsessed with some crazy stuff recently.  Veggie Tales, I understand.  Princesses?  Sure.  But since we did a homeschool lesson on dollar bills, Linsey has been obsessed with George Washington.  This has gone on for more than a year now.  She says stuff like, "And when I go to heaven, I get to meet George Washington!"  Then she stops and looks at me, "Mama, is he dead?"  "Yes sweetie..."

Hannah, on the other hand, is obsessed with monkeys.  She LOVES Boots the monkey from Dora the Explorer.  And she'll play the Monkey pre-school game for hours on the iPad, it's the only time she sits still (we're def taking this on the airplane when we go on vacation!).  And she loves, loves, LOVES Curious George.

So the other day, these two obsessions collided at the breakfast table.

Linsey:  George Washington was so amazing!  Was he the leader of the whole world, Daddy?
Tom:  Not the whole world, but he was a great leader of our country.
Hannah:  He was a good monkey.
Me:  What, Hannah?
Hannah:  Curious George was a very good monkey.
Me:  Oh...yeah, he was.
Linsey:  (annoyed) Not Curious George, Hannah - George Washington!  He was the leader of our country...
Tom:  Okay, girls, that's enough.  Eat your food.

Natalie, not quite as advanced as my older two, is currently obsessed with A&D ointment.  She opens the closet and gets the tube of it out all the time and uses it as a teether.  If we take it away, she screams like an animal caught in a trap, and no substitute is acceptable.  We do always take it away though!  Still, it's on her clothes, our DVD collection, and did you know A&D ointment makes wood floors REALLY slick?  Just an FYI for ya :)  

Anything your kids are obsessed with, or am I alone on this one?


  1. LOL!!!! Too cute! :)
    Chastity is a bit obssessed with wanting two MORE sisters and one MORE brother. We went shopping to get her some clothes the other day, and instead she wanted to buy clothes that her new brother and sisters would be cute in! LOL
    Evan is obsessed with dinoaurs (aka rawrs) and trains. He never doesn't have one in his hand and he is always showing me what they are capable of! Also, the kid is obsessed with sweets-especially chocolate!
    Harmony has this stuffed dog that she LOVES and goes about everywhere with. She stuffs him in her shirt like she is a mama kangaroo and carries him around that way! Also, I forgot to mention that the dog's name is "chicken" took me forever to figure out what she was talking about! She kept saying stuff about needing chicken to sleep or to go outside with. I am all confused and like, "We had chicken for dinner but you can't sleep with it...???" When I found out chicken was her stuffed dog I had a really good laugh!

  2. my kids are obsessed with harry potter! the boys are obsessed with pokemon and cass is obsessed with anything crafty...don't know where she gets that one from? LOL:-)


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