Monday, June 28

We're Back!!

 Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

It's Miscellany Monday, time to think of all those tidbits that haven't made it into your blog but you feel the need to share anyway :)

1.  Weddings make me all romantical.  We went to a wedding for a dear friend from college last night.  The best part was enjoying it all with just my husband, we had a babysitter all afternoon and evening!  I felt like Cinderella.  It was gorgeous.  And expensive.  And ethnic.  We were the only white people on the groom's side - we actually got asked if we were seated on the wrong side! 

2.  For a treat, sometimes I let the girls have "banana splits" for breakfast.  We chop up bananas and strawberries, then put yogurt and sprinkles (sometimes a little whipped cream) on top.  They get so excited, they don't even realize it's mildly healthy!  Now if only I could convince Tom to eat one too, I could get out of cooking breakfast entirely!

3.  I <3 Scentsy candle warmers.  I'm totally addicted to candles, but I quickly found out that they don't mix with kiddos.  When my oldest was 2, I thought I'd try to light one.  She has always been an extreme legalist, so I told her firmly not to touch the candle.  She could just look at it.  I watched her as she obediently watched the candle, then I resumed exercising.  I glanced around glanced around a minute later because I smelled something akin to burnt feathers, and I saw Linsey with her head over the candle, still dutifully watching it, with her bangs on fire!  Lesson learned :)

4.  Hannah, 3, absolutely loved flying on vacation.  She keeps saying, "When I get big, I'm gonna fly the puh-lane!"  So I asked, "How old will you be when you're big?"  "Six," she replied certainly.  Linsey, the know-it-all big sister, piped up, "Hannah, you won't be big when you're 6!  You have to be at least 13.  But you're not going to fly the plane, I am.  You can be the lady that passes out the snacks...doesn't that sound fun?"

5.  My husband finally talked me into getting rid of our home phone.  We don't have long distance anyway, and pretty much only telemarketers call us on it since we both have cell phones.  He's been trying to convince me for months, but I'm glad I held out so long - he bribed me with the new iPhone 4!!  


  1. Yay for iPhones! I'm addicted to mine unfortunately. As for the Scentsy candles warmers, I'm new to them, but I thought that there were no flames involved. Just a light that heats up the wax. No? What a scary story (but humorous at the same time)! Did she burn her forehead, too?

  2. Loved number 4! Hilarious! I say banana splits with yogurt have to be at least as healthy, probably healthier, than many breakfast cereals and pop-tarts, for sure!

  3. You're totally right, Kelley! I was trying to say that I love Scentsy BECAUSE I can't do flame candles right now. My ceramic warmer has a harmless little bulb that melts the wax, but the wax doesn't even get hot enough to scald. It's great!

  4. I love the banana split idea! totally stealing that one for a later date! and we don't have house phones either! only problem is I always forget to charge my cell phone! which then its useless! ;)


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