Wednesday, June 9

Once Upon a Time...

 Mama's Losin' It

I linked up to a cute writer's workshop blog this week, you can click on the button above to go there.  One of the topics I just couldn't resist, "Before I Was a Mom."  Truthfully, my mind gets a little fuzzy reaching that far back, but here's my life as I remember it:   

Before I was a mom...

...I slept whenever I was tired.

....I thought you could control how big you got during pregnancy.

...I assumed breastfeeding came naturally.

...I thought I knew all the excuses for getting out of bed.

...I didn't understand there is a difference between "Be quiet!" and "Stop talking!"

....I was convinced that child-rearing books could answer all my questions.  But really, what do you say when your child is convinced that vinyl fairy wings can really make her fly?  Or that Skooter from The Muppet Show lives in her closet?

...I didn't know how interesting diaper contents could be, or how much I'd talk about them with my husband (sorry, honey!)

...I kept up with the laundry.

...I didn't know I'd melt whenever my daughter wrote "I love mama" on a piece of paper.

...I rolled my eyes when my mom got choked up and said, "When you were a little girl..."  Now I'm the one who says that!

...I knew exactly where babies came from.  Now that my 5-year old's asking?  I'm flabbergasted.

...I totally underestimated how amazing my mom is. (Thanks, Mom!)

...I knew my children would never pee in public.  Or pick their noses.  Ever. 

...I couldn't imagine laughing at a mess my child made, much less taking a picture.

...I could type 90 wpm, but I couldn't change a diaper on my lap or take a shower holding a baby, and I didn't know what happened If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

...I couldn't understand why women always compared childbirth stories (think war heroes, guys!)

...I could laugh without leakage :)

...I was disgusted when I saw a mom give into a screaming child in public.

...I could close my door to get some privacy.

...I didn't look forward to bedtime nearly as much.

...I swore I'd never say, "Because I said so!"  

...I didn't realize that when your child comes out of your body, she takes your heart with her.

Conclusion:  Before I was a mom...I must have had a pretty boring life!!


  1. These are great! I also thought you could control how much weight you gained during pregnancy yet I was proven wrong, so wrong, when I gained 50 pounds with my first although I worked out and tried not to stuff my face on a daily basis. Love the pics! :)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your post. And totally agreed with all of them. So interesting how all moms have so many similar experiences. We really area unique group.

  3. aren't all those things so true!! and so sweetly put! and yes, i agree life was much more boring (and less chaotic) before kids! :)

  4. OK, this is my favorite use of the "before I was a mom" prompt! Unfortunately I laughed and leaked, but you understand :)

  5. These were awesome Liz! I can relate to ALL of them! Wonderful, wonderful post!


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