Monday, June 14

Such is (My) Life

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  I find weird stuff in the dryer - often.  Money is a luxury; usually it's crayons, balls, small stuffed animals, USB drives, shoes, plastic bananas, etc.  The other day I found half of a paperback book, kinda weird... then a couple days later, I ran outside because I saw Nattie scraping goo off the patio and trying to eat it (not usually a good sign).  It turned out to be the rest of the book, it shot out my dryer vent.  So...does this make her a 'bookworm?'   

2.  I spent way too long trying to convince my daughter yesterday that someone' s dress size is not necessarily their age.  Finally she said, "No, really, Mom, I think she's six."  (she's not) But I gave up.  For the record, though, I'm pretty glad my dress size doesn't go up as fast as my age does anymore!!!

3.  Yesterday was even busier than usual for our little pastor's family.  We had about 10 key church workers call to say they wouldn't be there at the last minute.  As I was busy at home getting things together for the preschool class I was covering, I noticed my one-year old eating my Curious George flip-flops.  Not having time to take them to my room, I just slipped them on and continued singing out orders.  "Brush your hair!"  "No, you can't take your marbles to church!"  "Stop eating what's in the garbage can!"  After making sure everyone was fully clothed and had a bow in her hair, we ran out the door with 2 minutes to spare.  Feeling like Supermom, I waltzed into choir and flawlessly organized our quartet (that's all that showed up).  After practice, I sighed with relief and reached down for my purse.  There, peeking out from under the piano, were my perfectly manicured toes sporting Curious George flip-flops.  Slightly deflated, I hopped back in the van and drove down the block back to my house.  Funny thing is, that was the most alone time I got all day!!    

4.  A dear older lady from our church recently bought my older daughter 3 BOXES of Polly Pockets and my younger girls a DRUM SET from a garage sale.  Sigh. We used to be such good friends.  Oh, well, as Forrest Gump would say, "And that's all I have to say about that!"

5.  With my first two babies, most of the weight I had gained came off within the first 6 weeks of their lives.  With my third, however, my body rebelled.  We argue constantly.  So for the past two weeks, I have strategically had a delicious shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and then a sensible dinner.  This wouldn't be so bad if I lived alone, but I still have to get to cook three meals a day for my stringbean family.  As I labor lovingly over their bacon, eggs, and toast with jelly every morning, I can't help but drool a little.  Then I mix up my powdered shake and sit down at the table with them.  And every morning, it's the same response, "How come Mommy gets to have chocolate milk for breakfast?"  "Can I have what she's having?"  Talk about adding insult to injury!   Hmm.  Maybe one day they'll understand, but hopefully they'll just get my husband's genes!

Have a great week!

P.S.  It's meet and greet Monday at the link below, too fun!



  1. Fun blog! You have adorable girls!!!

  2. thanks so much for joining in again! i, too, love to find money in the dryer, except when it's in the form of a check! ugh! it happens all too often! who even writes checks anymore?! the drum set looks super fun... for the girls, that is! bless your poor ears! ; )

  3. as long as you don't find a real banana in the dryer:-) i love finding the money...cha ching for me!!! i think i would have just left the flip flops on...just for fun!


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