Wednesday, August 18

Future Nerds of America

For Summer Bible Camp this year, we were blessed with lots of donations from local businesses, such as NASA and McDonald's.  Each child got a pair of these funky glasses one night, which our skit team dubbed "night vision goggles." 

ALL the kids loved them - my daughters wore them for like 3 days straight!!  I assumed at least Linsey knew they were pretend, until she asked me to get something in her room one night.  I told her it was dark and just to get it when she went in (the baby was asleep), and she said excitedly, "Don't worry, Mom!  You can borrow my new glasses!!"


Tom's brother Eric fit right in!

 I <3 Wordless Wednesday@ The Miller Racing Family!


  1. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    Now those glasses are a scream. I love how the baby even put on a pair. Thanks for the laugh!
    I hope you have a blessed day and thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh my how cute! What an adorable family Liz! Love the photos.


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