Saturday, August 7

In the Headlines Today...

I saw the cutest one-liner the other day:  "Corduroy pillows...they're making headlines!"  The next morning, my oldest made some "headlines" of her own...

Linsey, who has always been very responsible and very, very, vain, was helping me "arrange" their room (aka cleaning - shh!!)  I sent her into the kitchen to snip a stray thread, and I noticed she took a long time to come return.  When she finally did, her hair was hanging over her very red, very sheepish face. 

"I think my bangs were getting kinda long, Mom."
"Were!?" I asked, alarms sounding.  "Come"

Upon closer inspection, this is what I found...

This is my fault.  The other day I saw that a friend's kid had cut her bangs, and I smugly thought to myself, "Hmm, I don't have to worry about Linsey ever doing that.  She's way too cautious and vain."  (one of those "My kids will never..." back to haunt me!) I forgot that she is also extremely overconfident, and...voila!  Scrub brush head.


The worst thing is, I've had to convince her that they DON'T look good.  She has her father's self-esteem, for sure!!  I catch her looking in the mirror, admiring the spikes.  We've found a couple of hairstyles that kinda minimize the shock, which is good, believe me!

I call this the "let's pretend I have poofy bangs look."

And this one - "Bangs? What bangs? I don't see any bangs!"

But Linsey has decided that distraction is the best least she's not as vain as she used to be!

If anyone has any ideas...or funny stories so I know I'm not alone, I'd love to hear 'em!!


  1. Sweet girl... We have not had that experience at our house... but I dare not say that my children will not do that anymore :) I love the headband cover up... & she is still adorable!

  2. Bekah, at 7 1/2, let a friend cut her bangs in June, without either mom's permission, of course. They ended up pretty even, but very similar to Linsey's scrub brush style. I'd thought we were past that sort of thing . . . guess not. They're just now approaching acceptable normal length.

    My favorite hair-cutting story, though, happened to one of my co-workers. Abi is their adorable daughter who always wore a "Pebbles Flintstone" ponytail on top of her head. One day, when she was 2, she came down the stairs with just a tiny scrunchie on top of her head -- ponytail GONE! Abi's big brother, Caleb, not quite 5 at the time, had climbed the bathroom counter and reached his mom's sharp scissors, which were way up on top of a cabinet. You guessed it: Abi's ponytail was the perfect cutting ground . . . Even after an emergency trip to the beauty shop, she wore bandanas & scarves for quite a while.

  3. Oh my! I did that with all of my hair when I was younger. I learned that it was not such a great idea. Very cute pictures! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen


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