Thursday, July 7

Why I Love Being a Mom: #1 Dinnertime

#1 Dinnertime is never boring. Ever. No matter how hard we try. There are more spills, songs, and silly giggles than I can count, and it's always an adventure!

It's at the dinner table we find out all the interesting facts of the day - which ponies have been good that day (Starlight), who Linsey's newest BFF is (Anna today), and where Natalie puts her peas (under the table and in her nose). 

We learn manners: how (not) to hold our cups, how (not) to sing at the table, and how (not) to sit still, among other things.

But more importantly, it's a time where we all enjoy just being together, mostly...and isn't that what family is all about?

What does dinnertime look like at your house?

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  1. Great stuff Liz. Even Dads like to read your blog.


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