Saturday, March 20

Duck Crossing


3 months ago, we vacationed with Tom's grandma and threw a whole loaf of bread to the ducks at a pond near her house. The girls loved it and have taken to feeding the pigeons outside Costco with their hot dog buns when we eat lunch there. We live in the high desert, you take what you can get, right?

Present time--

It's our usual routine for Linsey to watch Natalie for a few minutes while I get Hannah down for her afternoon nap. This time, I couldn't believe how quiet they were being, especially since Linsey kinda had that "whatever" attitude about it. I walked into the kitchen to see Nattie frantically crawling across the floor to gobble up pieces of bread. I thought she had dumped the garbage when I saw another piece fly through the air and Nattie scramble to get it. Then I saw Linsey on top of the counter, throwing the bread with obvious flair and satisfaction.

I asked incredulously, "Linsey, what are you doing?"

"I'm keeping Natalie busy, Mom, just like you asked me to!"

"Nattie's not a duck."

"I know, but she likes it!"

And that was the end of our can you argue with that kind of logic? At least I had just mopped :)

1 comment:

  1. ROFL!!
    That's great! How funny that she figured that out and made such a fun game of it.

    Gramma Cyndi


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