Saturday, March 6

Sisterly Advice

Hannah has become Linsey's shadow, doing everything she does and repeating everything she says. She also lets Linsey do whatever she wants to do to her, hence the face paint :) Linsey enjoys her new role as teacher, I think...Here's the scoop from our house lately

"No, Hannah, we're not allowed to talk about noises and things that come out of our bottoms." (smiles sweetly at me) "Right, Mom?"

"B-E-D spells bed, Hannah. Mom just said it's time for you to go to BED!"

"I know you don't like getting your hair brushed, but sometimes beauty hurts!"

And, looking out for each other, as always...
"Mo-om, do you want me to hold the baby so you can spank Hannah? Remember, you said you were going to!"


  1. Clearly, Aunt Susie's "beauty hurts" comment is getting a lot of mileage, but the spanking one is the best. Sounds like something I would have said at her age.


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