Monday, March 1

What a Knockout!

Linsey got her first black eye last week, somehow she "hit her face on the spring of the trampoline" - I'm pretty sure somehow the spring pinched her eyelid, she was so swollen and red for days! Then about 3 days ago she woke up and looked in the mirror, then exclaimed, "Mom! I think my eye is turning rainbow - YYYYEEEESSSS!! How's that for optimism? Must be my genes :)
Handy quotes from today:

H: "I'm not a big girl." Liz: "What are you then?" H: "A bad one!" Is that a product of bad parenting, or just confession?? Not sure, but I really don't call any of them bad girls, I promise!!

L: "When I grow up, I'm going to be queen of my house and make all the rules! Then I'll rule over my kids." (Should I tell her it's really not all that? NAH!!)

We are all a bit under the weather this weekend, but it was a great weekend anyway. And life goes on anyway, does that happen to you too? We had a wonderful time having a church family over for lunch, and a slew of teens at dinner. And Tom managed to preach two great sermons with a very sore throat - what a man! Hope you all had a great weekend!!

P.S. If you look closely at the pic, you can also see a small red ring on L's cheek where Hannah bit her the same day. When it rains, it pours!

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  1. A rainbow eye . . . definitely a Grandpa Corder gene happening there. What a riot!


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