Tuesday, March 30

Pillow Talk

Yes, everything in my house talks - even our guinea pig is noisy!! My girls have wonderful imaginations and magically transformed into pillow people minutes before our family pillow fight, so of course I took a pic.

Here are a few things we like to do as a family, in no particular order:

1.  We eat every meal, 3 times a day together.  This is enough excitement, if you have small children you know this.
2.  Family movie night - Disney, Muppets, and Man vs Wild are the current faves
3.  Jumping on the trampoline together.
4.  Going on walks to get ice cream now that it's warmer :)
5.  Starting last week, pillow fights!  So much fun...so few brain cells to lose.
6.  Reading books and patiently enduring through Linsey reading to us.
7.  Wrestling (aka tickling Daddy)
8.  Thinking up reasons to stay up after bedtime (this really is a collaborative effort, I think they're plotting behind our backs...)

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