Wednesday, March 24

Words to Live By

We have passed on these words of wisdom to our posterity in the past 24 hours or so...we make house calls if you would like us to help teach your children as well!

"Don't lick other people, even if you're pretending to be a dog.  That's just gross."
"No, honey, you're not the only person in the world who can stand on one foot. Good job though!"

"Don't lay down on the bathroom floor, especially at the store!"
"Don't touch anyone's bottom but your own!"

"Don't eat out of the garbage, yuck!!"
"No fishing in the toilet!"  (I think all 3 have heard this one!)

Do you have any sagely wisdom you'd care to share?? I know you have stories too!!


  1. Those definitely fit the "things you never thought you'd have to actually SAY" list, along with:

    See, biting hurts -- how do you think Chase feels when you do it to him? (Rebekah has had a biting habit suddenly reappear at 7 years old, and then a little kid bit her and she hollered.)

    If I can still see your sheets, then your bed is NOT made (To Chase, who insisted he'd made his bed).

    Your bike is down in the basement because riding on icy sidewalks is dangerous (To Bekah, in snowy Michigan January).

  2. LOL!!
    It seemed like "Don't touch that!" was one of the most frequent instructions I gave in so many forms. "Look with your eyes" was often said when we were in stores or someone's home.
    Children are just compelled to touch and explore so many things in ways that we moms just don't accept. Mothering is not for the faint of heart, right!?

    Gramma Cyndi


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