Thursday, July 8

Caught Red-Handed

My girls love to pick flowers, Linsey especially.  I even have a special tiny vase for all the weeds that come into the house.  But this summer, she hasn't had the best of luck in choosing where she should pick them.  My mom has a beautiful garden, and on vacation Linsey got into trouble for picking dozens of heads off my mom's flowers and trying to feed them to a frog. 

Yesterday we were on a walk, and she spotted the flowers planted in front of the police station.  "Can I pick those?" she asked excitedly.

"No!" I replied quickly, "Those are just to look at."

We walked a just a few feet further, and there were wildflowers, still in front of the police station.  "Well, can I pick those?  Plllleeeeaaaassseee?"  I relented, and she squealed.  She proceeded to fill up her pockets with wildflowers.  Just then a police car drove up from behind the building and stopped right by us.  Linsey's eyes got big, she stood up quickly, and in a trembling voice, she whispered, "Is he comin' after us???"  He didn't, but I'm hoping it was a good warning for her!

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  1. That was such a cute story! I left a little something for you on my blog. I hope you enjoy it!



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