Saturday, July 24

First Time for Everything

We are having a blast this summer.  Linsey, who is growing up WAY too fast, recently got her hair cut...

And her ears pierced.  She's been psyching herself up for this moment for the past year.  Daddy told her she could do it when she was ready, and last week, she finally decided she was ready.  After she was so brave getting them done, I remarked, "You've had a very grown-up day today, haven't you?"  She replied in a wistful tone, "Yes, and all of them will be grown up now, because I have my ears pierced!"  Hannah is pretty sure she's ready, too, but I'm not convinced just yet...

We also played beauty salon the other day, and I painted Natalie's toes for the first time.  Then I quickly remembered why I don't usually paint baby took SO LONG to get them done because she was wiggling, she grabbed the brush and painted my hand, and I had to hold her till they were dry.  Aren't they cute though?? (Linsey's holding Nattie's feet down, after 5 picture flops)  Men will never understand what we go through to look beautiful...

So that's what summer looks like over here, what are you up to??  We are getting ready for Summer Bible Camp this week, so I probably won't post much.  But lots of great space pictures to come, so stay tuned!!


  1. So cute! How exciting for your little (big) one! And I love the toes!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Ears, hair cut and nails polished! Wow! What a little lady! :) These pictures are so cute! I hope you have a great day!

    Mama Hen


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