Saturday, July 17

See No Evil

Confession I:  I feel guilty when I let my girls watch television so I can get something done.  Part of me hears Parent magazine in the background, telling me their minds will turn to mush and they'll never graduate kindergarten, much less college.  But when I don't have a break, I feel even worse!  It's a Catch 22. So I usually compromise and let them watch Bible DVD's or educational cartoons, like Diego or Blues Clues or Little Einsteins...surely their IQ will go up instead of down, right?  Here are some of the recent conversations around our house, just judge for yourself:

"Mom, did you know Jonah wasn't the only one in the whale?  There were a whole bunch of people who sang in there with him!"  - Thank you, Veggie Tales!!

"My mother was a caterpillar, my father was a worm, and I'm okay with that now." - Hermie Wormie

Linsey, frantically searching, "Have you seen the box with my voice in it?"  - Think Little Mermaid: she actually sings into this little box, and she cried one day when Nattie ate it.

"My baby!  They've stolen my baby!"  - This is from a Moses cartoon, only Hannah will yell this at the top of her lungs in the store or on the trampoline.

"Look at that flying condor!"  - Diego only rescues exotic animals; he needs to teach about crows.

"Mama, did Jonah really get slapped with fish when he went to Nineveh?" - Again, Veggie Tales

"Aah!  She's gonna EAT ME!"  Hannah running away from her sister - Lion King?

So...not doing so hot in the IQ department, about this time I'm thinking of becoming Amish and teaching them to knit instead of watching mind-mush.  But then Linsey breaks out with things like this:

"I know what mercy is.  It's giving people a second chance.  I learned it on Jonah."

And this morning, she started crying, "Mama, I'm sorry for all the bad things I've done.  I watched a movie where God forgave all the people for all the bad they did, and I want you to forgive me!"

Then again, maybe some movies aren't so bad after all :) 

Confession II: Lol, after that speech about educational TV, I just remembered they're watching Shrek right now!!  Oh well, nobody's perfect, right??


  1. Ha! This is so funny! And we love ourselves some Hermie movies! They are the best! Ever heard of Princess Gigi, God's little princess? She's great and Maddie absolutely loves those movies too! It is kinda neat to see what they learn from the Christian movies. I do think it helps them remember Bible stories better even if they do get some of the details mixed up! ;) Hey, but everybody every once in awhile needs some good old Disney movies! And a mama has to get stuff done! :) Have a great Sunday!

  2. TOOOOOO funny! "Aah! She's [He's] gonna EAT ME!" made the rounds at our house for a while (yes, it IS from Lion King). At least the movie quotes are usually better than the ones they make up themselves. We've moved from the "cute" to "obnoxious" comment level from our 12-year-old. He's good about keeping it appropriate, but gross and annoying are definitely his strong suits, along with commercials and theme songs. It only gets better . . .

  3. I know what you mean when you say that you feel guilty when you have the TV on. I do too, but as you say, it is the time you can get something done or just have a moment to yourself. I really like Leap Frog's The Letter Factory. It teaches the letters and the sounds and my daughter loves it! This was a really cute post! I think they can learn things and it is ok to watch a little television. Everything in moderation. I am grabbing your button now and adding it to my Bloglove! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. Thank goodness there are more mommy's out there that let their kiddos watch tv as a babysitter. I agree with you I don't know how you would get it all done without tv every now and then. I had this same problem. I would stay up late at night so I could get it all done but that only hurt me in the end.
    Thanks for the laugh and for being a mom like the rest of us.
    Have a great Sunday!


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