Sunday, April 10

Brush It Off

Hannah and Linsey went to the dentist last week, it was Hannah's first time. They looked so little in those big chairs!

Linsey showing her sister the ropes first
Hannah dutifully obeying Linsey's, "Open wide!"

The dentist told them they did a good job brushing (no cavities!!) and to make sure they brushed twice a day, every day. So to celebrate, I sprang for battery-powered toothbrushes rather than candy. These came with sheets of stickers so you can customize them, how adorable is that??

When we got home, the girls begged to use their new toothbrushes. Hannah finished, turned it off, and told me she needed to brush again. I told her once was fine for now, and her big eyes filled with tears. "But Mama," she said, "the dentist said I had to do it twice!!"

Good, clean fun!!

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