Thursday, April 28

Easter Week

 This year we had an amazing week leading up to Easter Sunday. With so many great memories and new traditions, I just had to share:

1. We began our celebration of the resurrection by attending a Passover Seder with our Jewish neighbors. The girls each got their own kippa (yamaka) and a coloring book explaining the dinner. The food was amazing, and it was such a moving experience to see Old Testament traditions actually performed by some of God's people. The feast celebrates how God led His people out of slavery in Egypt to their own nation, and there are many parallels to the cross as well.

2. On a slightly less spiritual note, the girls loved coloring Easter eggs with a dear friend from church. We did this while my 1-year old napped one day, and it was great just to be able to focus on the older ones for awhile.

3. I let the girls dress up for their Easter egg hunt this year, so a ladybug, a lion, and a cute little rabbit scampered across our yard looking for candy.

4. On good Friday we acted out the Easter story, complete with palm leaves and an empty tomb. I rolled a big microwave cart over our outdoor fireplace, it was perfect! At least the girls were impressed :)
Singing "Our God is An Awesome God"

5. We let the girls have their Easter baskets on Saturday because our Sunday was going to be very hectic. Before they got up, I wrote out a treasure hunt for each basket with clues like "Roses are red, violets are blue, you'll find a surprise where you put your shoes!" They had to wear their bunny masks on the hunt, it was too cute. I bought some small toys and jewelry at Target this year (love that $1 aisle!) so they didn't have as much candy. Will definitely do this treasure hunt again! Linsey was super excited to be able to read the clues all by herself.

6. As a family that evening, we read the story of Christ's resurrection in John and prayed together. Then Sunday morning we got up bright and early to sing in our church musical at 8:30 and 10:30am. The adult and children's choirs both did a fantastic job, and several received Christ as Savior that day. Praise the Lord!

7. After church we had a great brunch with my husband's family and stayed there for awhile, then we went to their (huge) church for a great drama/musical presentation. My older girls loved it. The play inspired questions like, "Why did Jesus have to die, Mama?" "That man is really still alive in real life, right?" "Where is the donkey? I thought Jesus rode a donkey." It was fantastic!

Thanks for letting me share our memories with you, I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating Christ's resurrection as well!

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