Friday, April 8

Stove Top Bonnets

I made a super easy craft super hard. Go figure. We were studying Abe Lincoln in history - "Was he the President before Obama, Mom?" - and there was a super cute idea for making stovetop hats. After seeing a few pictures of Lincoln with one on, Linsey was all in - she is obsessed with the Presidents, probably because her long-term goal is to rule the world. My only glitch was that I had 12" paper instead of 18." I am the queen of improvising, and they have small heads. No problem!

They customized their hats and I cut out the brims, mildly concerned that the holes for their heads were about 3" wide. When the girls tried the hats on, immediate giggles ensued. It was a balancing act just keeping them on their heads, they looked like really bad tightrope walkers. After 12 shots I finally got one of each girl w/the hat actually on, then after the pics we punched holes in the brims and looped yarn around their chins bonnet-style. Even Lincoln would have been proud!!

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  1. How cute and creative. Maybe she can be the first woman president?


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