Saturday, May 15

Hannah B. Nana

Hannah is my monkey, no doubt about it.  She loves bananas.  Her favorite game is a monkey preschool game on the Ipad.  She is always running, climbing, or wiggling.  At least one part of her has to be moving at all times, even when she's asleep.  (I've tested this theory, it's true.)  She's fallen out of her bed on top of her aunt, who is staying with us in Hannah's room, at least 3 times this week.  Several times a day I hear, "Mom, help, I'm stuck!"  On top of the fireplace, between the wall and the bed, behind the couch.  These are normal places to look.  Twice she has fallen backwards into the tub and got tangled in the shower curtain.  Monkey also falls out of her seat at every meal.  It's just a part of mealtime at our house.  At a very nice restaurant in Lancaster the other day, instead of falling, she somehow got her legs wedged in the hole between the seat back and the place where you sit.  That was the first time the whole meal she stopped wiggling.  She just sat there and whimpered, "Help, help" until Daddy rescued her.

At least once a day I hear a loud thud or crash, followed by, 'Whoops!'  Then I follow the trail of crumbs to find Hannah looking sheepish.  "Sorry, mom," she'll say.  "It was a acsninent."  But I already posted about those :)

And, like a monkey, Hannah is our little copycat.  She remembers things people say and the repeats them ...kind of.  Earlier she was singing, "Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh.  Funny little thing with fluff..."  Then at breakfast, her grandma put some fruit salad on the table.  Hannah grabbed it so fast and grinned, "My PRECIOUS!"

I dropped something the other day, and I heard Hannah sigh and say behind me, "Oh, snaps!"  I don't even need to do my own complaining with her around.  But the best one was the other day when she got in trouble.  I lectured her, "Hannah, Mommy had to discipline you because you had a bad attitude.  Do you understand that."  (sniffles and nods)  "Is there anything you'd like to say to Mommy?"

(Hannah looks up at me with big eyes and sniffles again)  "I...forgive you!" And gives me a hug.


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