Monday, May 24

Monday Madness

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters 
It's here again!  Miscellany Monday.  These are so much fun, I spent way too much time thinking about what I'd write during the week (and not enough time jotting them down, my mind is blank!!)  Here are a few randoms...

1.  My husband and I love used book sales.  I was at a small yard sale recently and checked out their books.  They had, like, 12 books - not a great selection.  But I did manage to score a great 50-cent copy of The Purpose Driven Life and, ironically, right next to it was The Purse-Driven Life: It Really Is All About Me, also 50 cents.  It's by a Christian comedian, and it's hilarious!!  (Guess which one I'm reading first?!?)

2.  Confession:  I've been getting back into exercising a lot lately, and I'm trying hard not to eat much sugar.  But I'm scared to go back on SlimFast, though it works well for me, because the last two times I have, I've gotten pregnant almost immediately!  I think I read somewhere that Slimfast owned by Pampers, so beware of a conspiracy...

3.  My husband has joked about banning Bible story videos from our home.  Since he's the pastor, everyone is always giving or loaning us Bible movies for our girls, but he says pastors' kids are around church so much, they need more normalcy so they don't grow up weird.  Case in point...Saturday night in the bathtub, I heard, "Hey, Hannah, let's pretend we're in Nineveh!"  Then earlier they were arguing, "No, you be Jochebed, I'll be Miriam!!"
     The funny thing is, our 5-year old overheard him telling me his idea, so she told our company last night, very seriously, "Daddy says we're not allowed to watch Bible videos at our house anymore!"  And that's how rumors get started in small towns...

4.  Yesterday was one of my "not-so-together" days.  I try to avoid having those on Sundays, but it happens. We had different company for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I was scrambling to get all those meals together while getting three little girls (nevermind me!) ready for church in the morning by myself.  Add that to a broken friendship bracelet that HAD to be fixed before church, and very little sleep the night before, and you have chaos.  I had my almost one-year old in the kitchen so I could 'keep and eye on her' while I was cooking, and here's how that turned out:

So, like a good mommy, I decided it was better to take a few pictures than lose it.  And that put me further behind.  Long story short, she wound up in the church nursery wearing tights and her sister's windbreaker, with a bit of goo still on her face - so thankful the lady who was in there is a good friend of mine!!  My daughter was clean and dressed when I picked her up after about service!!

5.  After my not-so-together Sunday, I was exhausted.  Finally, the last of our company left around 9, and I was cleaning up in the kitchen.  My husband called me into the other room and said something funny.  Without thinking, I responded, "Oh, LOL!"  He was in the middle of making a snide remark about my computer-lingo-vocabulary when our 5 year old piped up, "Ha!  T-H-E!!"

Have a great week!!


  1. LOL! You guys are sooo cute! Glad I am not the only one that has those kind of days! :)

  2. girl, you are a riot!!! you have me rolling! #1 - i bet the 2nd one is a good one! (i mean, i know the 1st one is too, but you know...). #2 - hmm... pampers and slimfast! i should've thought of this... maybe this is why i got pregnant with our 2nd when our 1st was only 6 mos old!!! #3 - i can totally relate... since my hubby is a worship pastor we have a "praise baby" dvd! i have a hard time having company for one meal... i'm super impressed that you managed 3! she looks all adorable covered in cool whip!

  3. LOL - love the last pics. Too fun! I was totally thinking of going on slim fast because it has worked well for me but now you've got me a little more than concerned.

    Glad I stopped by. I enjoyed reading your randoms!

  4. I totally relate to number three! My husband is a youth pastor and you know your kids have had too much Bible when your kids are building altars like Noah did with their blocks! True story in our house! :) And yes we all have those totally not together days! :) Cute pics!


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