Saturday, May 29

That's My Mama

My mama cheers when I'm on top of the world...

And she helps me up when I fall down.

My mama doesn't mind cleaning faces, as long as they're smiling ones.

My mama doesn't even mind a little mess...

As long as we're all having fun.

In fact, mamas seem to like cleaning the same things over and over...

and over again.

Mamas are always there when you need them...

And even sometimes when you wish they weren't.

My mama wouldn't trade her job for anything, even though I know I'm a stinker sometimes,

Because every day, she gets to teach me the most important lesson I can ever learn -

Unconditional love.

I love you, Natalie!  I'm so glad God made me your mama!
Happy first birthday!!


  1. ...and an amazing mama you are! Happy Birthday, Natalie, and well done, Mom! We love you!

  2. Love all of you! Happy birthday, Nattie. <3
    gramma & grampa

  3. Following from MBC! Beautiful girls you have.

  4. Your girls are gorgeous!
    Following from MBC!


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