Saturday, May 22

Quiet Time at the Zoo

Contrary to what I usually post, we do have moments of peace and quiet at our house.  Usually we're all gone.  Or we're all sleeping.  But once in awhile, there will be sweet calmness, followed by something really funny that gets posted here :)

Such was the case last night.  We were all deep in thought as we played "Go Fish."  Hannah, 3, was on my team and kept falling off my lap, as she is prone to do.  Finally, we were settled and quiet as we were waiting for Linsey to take her turn.  Then, Hannah grinded her teeth and started giggling hysterically.  She finally got a breath and gasped, "My teeth made a tootie!!" (This, of course, was followed by like 5 more teeth tooties, each one losing a measure of humor.)

Then about an hour later, I came in the office and saw my husband holding Linsey on his lap and praying with her before she went to bed, her arms around his neck... "And please help our Linsey to grow up into a godly young lady, and be helpful and sweet just like her Mommy (I think he knew I was in there).  And thank you for making me her Daddy.  Amen"

My heart was butter as I continued to listen.  Sweet, tender silence.  Then Linsey spoke, "Ew, gross, Dad. You have this really long hair growing out of your neck!"

"Go to bed."

Sweet, tender moments...quiet time at the zoo...enjoy them while you can!  And, as with all wild animals, be careful where you step :)

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  1. So sweet!!! :) Love it!!!!!
    And your new layout is super cute!!!


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