Tuesday, May 18


Contrary to the pic above, Linsey is my thinker. She has to know what we're doing tomorrow, and the day after that, so she can think of random questions to get out of bed and ask. This drives my husband absolutely crazy. At 10 pm, after shooing her back to bed, he'll turn to me, "Why did you even tell her we're going to do that?"

She's starting to read now, so every sign, table of contents, and menu is up for scrutiny. The other day I was wearing my old college t-shirt, and she was looking at my chest very intently (no, this story does not go there!) Finally she smiled, "Mommy! Your shirt says 'west'! Did you know that?" (she thinks she's the only one that can read sometimes)

"Good job! But yes, I knew that." She immediately scrunched up her face and went back to scrutinizing. Finally she spoke, "What's a WecBec?"

"A what?" I ask, puzzled.
"A wecbec. You know, the word in the middle of your shirt. It says WCBC."

Ooohh...it all comes together (for me, not her) as I explain that I graduated from West Coast Baptist College, and what initials are. IDK, but pretty soon she's going to be the one explaining to me what things stand for in this crazy world of ours. TTYL!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up your recipe today. I have never tried pie crust this way...much easier than rolling huh? Have a great day!


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