Monday, July 18

Confessions of a Fashion No-How

~ First confession: Last Sunday - which happened to be Baby Dedication Day and happened to be when we dedicated our little Nattie to the Lord - we inadvertently locked her in the church building.  After church, she followed Tom into the office building and went into one of the side rooms to look for leftover soda in the recycling bin (eww!). Not knowing she was in there, he turned out all the lights and locked up. About a minute later I was frantically looking around for her outside when I heard the door rattle and Nattie begin to wail. I quickly opened the door, and there she stood, empty Dr. Pepper can in hand. Talk about guilt!! Lol but it will make for a great story when she's older.  


*We didn't really take her pic after leaving her at church, that would be cruel. 
This was from the other day at breakfast but is a pretty accurate rendition.
She has this crying thing down to a science.

~ I. Got. My. First. Pedicure. LOVED it!! One of my good friends does nails has been wanting to give me one forever, so finally for my birthday, she gave me a gift certificate for a pedi at her house. Soo relaxing, and nearly two weeks later, they still look great!

~ On Friday we went with another friend to a feline conservatory not too far away. There were peacocks roaming free and you can see leopards, tigers, pumas, etc., from about 5 feet away! I confess it was slighly unnerving to watch my two-year old follow this panther back and forth, growling along with it. But all in all, a great experience!

 ~ Our 4 year old, who hates to have her hair brushed and usually wears all one color, has suddenly become fashion-conscious. She asks me every day to "make her hair" and help her pick out a cute outfit. Then, she looks in the mirror, squeals, and says, "Everyone will LOVE me!!" Sigh. She gets that from her father, I think :)

Have a great week!!

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