Sunday, July 10

Chef School II

For last week's Chef School, Linsey(6) decided she was ready to make her first meal "all by herself" - with me over her shoulder coaching her, of course! Someone got us "The Fix It and Forget It Kids' Cookbook," and she loved being able to follow along the easy steps and come up with her own meal plan:

Linsey's Menu
Slow roasted ham w/brown sugar
Crockpot mac 'n cheese
Salad (just shredded lettuce b/c we ran out of time)
Chocolate dipped pretzels

First, she made the mac 'n cheese - she did so well reading the recipe! Only a little help needed.

Then, she rubbed brown sugar all over the ham and learned how to make a foil tent (I put it in the oven)

Finally, she melted chocolate chips in a smaller crockpot to dip the pretzels - each one had at least 3 different kinds of sprinkles! These she did completely alone. The crockpot was great because the chocolate wasn't hot enough to burn little fingers. :)

Even though her solo dinner took me a bit more time than normal...

1) we had a great time together in the kitchen,
2) it was so worth it to see the pride it gave her to accomplish this task, and
3) I'm hoping that logging these hours now will free me of some cooking in years to come!

Love my girlies!!


  1. What fun! :) Those cookbooks sound great!

  2. Go, Linsey! We are very proud of you!


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