Saturday, July 30

Saddle Ridge Ranch

What an amazing week we just had! I've never been so relieved something was over but so sad to see it end. Our small-town church hosted over 100 kids in a rootin'-tootin,' over the top Western themed Vacation Bible School!

Here's a little taste of our week:

The decorations:
Our church volunteers do a fantastic job transforming the auditorium into whatever the theme calls for - a space ship, an underwater adventure, a jungle, and now a ranch, complete w/ caverns and waterfalls:

The crafts:

I walked in on thirty 1st-2nd graders making this craft, and it was crazy! But the teachers did a fantastic job of staying calm, helping each child make their handprints, and NOT spilling any paint. Each night I was amazed at what the kids brought home. Love our church!!


The volunteers:
We had around 80 kids each night, plus at least 30 volunteers from the church. Many came straight from work and hadn't even had dinner yet! They taught, they cooked, they counted pennies for our offering to build a well for children in Africa. I was humbled and so grateful for all the help they provided.

The after-effects:
My kids counted down the hours till church each day and came home and crashed each night, it was great!

More importantly, kids were saved, parents are encouraged, and I'm going on vacation SOON!! And that deserves a "YEEEHAW!!" :)

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  1. Looks like a fabulous week. I love the wagon decorations. What a great number of kiddos. We finished our fourth and final VBS this week. Trey just loves the crafts and the game times.
    Hope all is well with you!


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