Tuesday, July 12

The Little Things, Part 1

Earlier this week, I noticed a small toy or two on the floor in the bathroom. Busy and tired, I made a mental note to have the girls pick them up later. Then I got sidetracked, and the next morning, they were still there, along with two more toys. (Don't you hate toys w/small parts?! Ugh.) Exasperated, I picked them up, grumbling inwardly about how easily clutter accumulates.

I'm a very laid-back person, so many times I'll notice a small area I should probably clean up, but then I get busy doing other things. It's no big deal, I think, I'll get to it later. Soon, that small mess has blown up so that I can't even see the floor, and I become overwhelmed.  And I am reminded once again that as the mom, I must be diligent to attack even the small piles, or they will overtake my house.

It's the same way with sin in our lives. God, knowing about this clutter principle long before I did, warns us in Hebrews 12:1 to "lay aside every weight, and the sin which...so easily besets us." Every bad attitude I have. Every twinge of resentment. Every grudge I want to hold on to. God says to lay them aside. Get rid of them, before they multiply and take over your house! Or your life, you get the idea.

So this week, when you notice something out of place - whether it's a stray sock or a bad attitude, purpose with me to get rid of it now, before it grows out of control. You'll be glad you did!


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