Saturday, July 2

Wand-ering at Home

We've had a blast being out of school (every couple days Linsey asks if it's still summer!), but I noticed immediately the need to have some kind of structure. So every day we're home (which isn't as many as I thought!), we've been spending awhile playing online games together, having Bible time, and, of course, crafts.

Here are the wands from our first craft time, I believe I bought a 3-pack at Target for about $1.50. We decorated them using leftover craft materials, but you could definitely go all out with glitter, jewels, etc. Just please don't tell my girls that =)

 Hannah decorated hers using foam stickers 
- her favorite number (and age) is 4 :)

 Nattie, 2, had a ball putting Dora stickers and foam chicks on her wand.

 Linsey, my artist, colored hers like a butterfly and added googly eyes.

The only trouble we had was convincing Nattie it wasn't a lollipop!

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